Digital art

Exposition Homo Mobilis #1 from Paul van Elk

Come and join the opening ceremony of my first exhibition in Amsterdam, 4th August from 18.00 hosted by a truly authentic bar, called Cafe Eijlders ( Adress: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 47.

I am an Amsterdam based graphic designer and artist, and have tried the last 4 years many techniques such as oil painting, charcoal, pastel and at the last digital art. This first exposition is dedicated to the symbiotic relationship between humans and their mobile devices that has strongly inspired me. I have developed from 2017 on a minimalistic and playful series called “Homo Mobilis” that depicts our tragic addiction to our mobile phones.  At the end there is no hard judgement about the “mobile prison” as it is also a fact that everyone is super-user of their mobile phones. My work is a sweet reminder that we are all ‘victims’ of the new technologies.

Music by mezzo-soprano Sára Gutvill (

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